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Kamisama no Memochou Ep 1

Alice breaks her chopsticksInitial impressions – very good

The great folks at J.C. Staff have brought us a detective anime that puts the stereotyped, incomprehensible, and poorly stylized Gosick to shame. Kamaisama no Memochou starts out with a strong first episode.

As Narumi enters his first year of high school, he just wants to be a fly on the wall and remain unnoticed by everyone so he can avoid the rest of the world.  But when his outgoing classmate, Ayaka drags him into her fast-paced world he becomes entangled in something he just can’t avoid.  Then, when he meets the hacker detective Alice, no matter how much he wants to stay apathetic to the rest of the world, he just can’t pull himself away from being the good guy.

This first episode feels like it’s setting the tone for a great series to come.  Characters feel natural and relatable, while still being very exciting, a little eccentric with excellent development.  If you’re looking for an action/drama/detective anime with colorful characters, check out Kamisama no Memochou.


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