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Sacred Seven Ep 1

Initial impression – unsure

Alma Tandoji has some mecha-like powers he can’t control until a young girl implants a giant gem inside his chest. He then proceeds to defeat some rocky-gorgon monster and suddenly the girl buys his school and appoints herself to the student council and he joins the rock club (as in stones, not music).

The battles so far in this …mecha?…. anime are slightly entertaining. But the only thing that is compelling me to even bother with the second episode is that everything about this anime is completely unexplained. Which really isn’t a great selling point.

Why does Alma have these powers? Who is the girl who bought his school? Who are the enemies he is fighting? What are the sacred seven? Why is the entire support staff maids?

I don’t have high hopes for Sacred Seven. It has a Power Rangers vibe in its simplicity and reliance on action to hold the viewer’s interest. I plan to watch the second episode to see if Sacred Seven wants to take the time to explain what’s going on. That will be its last chance to impress me.


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