Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow


All girlsInitial impression – good

The idols (Japanese pop-stars for those not in the know) of 765 Studio are about to get a new producer, but they don’t know it just yet.  Before the producer reveals himself, he poses as a cameraman and interviews the girls he will be working with to understand their goals and personalities.

This first episode follows a formula of misleading the viewer in a similar way as the first episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  So if you watch only the first five minutes of episode 1 and lose interest, I suggest you give the whole episode a chance before passing judgment.  I see a lot of colorful characters, which I hope we get to see fully developed into relatable personalities.  But with only 12 episodes planned, I fear that this series is going to feel unbelievably rushed and the characters teaspoon shallow.

I know that The iDOLM@STER is based on a popular game that goes by the same name, plot and premise.  But I’ve not played the game, so I’m eager to see what the hype is all about through the anime version.


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