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Mayo Chiki! Ep 1

Kinjirou freaks out if a girl touches him.Initial impression – good

Kinjirou is a high school guy with a big problem.  He’s afraid of girls touching him. 

Subaru is a girl training to be a butler, so she’s disguised herself as a boy. 

When Kinjirou discovers her secret, only Subaru’s master, Kanade can stop her from using violence to erase his memories.  Thus, a pact is made in secret.  Kinjirou won’t tell anyone about Subaru’s identity.  In return he gets to live and if Kanade is feeling generous, she just might help him overcome his allergy to girls.

It’s almost as if someone took Hayate no Gotoku, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and Maria+Holic‘s basic settings and premises, threw them into a big blender and the milkshake that came out was Mayo Chiki.  There’s nothing very original to this anime except for maybe the particular combination of plot elements that have been used in many past anime.  There’s a few character roles that also got to flop genders, but overall I’m pleased with the first episode.  This appears to be the season’s goofy school drama for those of you who enjoy those types of anime.


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