Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

No. 6 Ep 1

Shion peacefully imagines to blow away in the windInitial impression – interesting

Shion is the top of the top, elite of the elite for his class in area No. 6 of the post-apocalypse Earth.  In a future where past war has resulted in a society of peace, he can live his life calmly and peacefully with his friends and family.  Then, on his twelfth birthday, he meets the escaped convict, Nezumi.  The two boys appear to be the same age and despite his vigilante status, Shion decides to help Nezumi and gives him a short reprieve on his journey to escape.

While episode one is riding mostly on atmosphere than actual plot substance, that seems to be enough for now because I can feel something big is just around the corner.

I’m a sucker for these kinds of post-apocalyptic settings where everyone has lost all taste for war and lives their lives basking in the warmth of reason and technological comforts.  A great setting for what is already shaping to be a story of dark revelations makes me eager to see the next episode of No. 6.


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