Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

R-15 Ep 1

Fukune, the clarinet geniusInitial impression – decent

At the private high school, Hirameki Academy, only geniuses are accepted.  Your field of expertise doesn’t matter.  Whether you’re a musician, a cameraman, mathematician, engineer, or even a porn writer like Takuto – as long as you’re a genius, you will be given free range to explore the limits of your talent.  Takuto believes that his boundless imagination and artistry of words will change the world, but everyone else just thinks he’s a pervert.  But when he’s asked by the school newspaper to interview Fukune, the clarinet genius, he finds himself incapable of writing pornography anymore.  Horrified by this subconscious shift in his writing style, he decides to investigate the cause of his change of heart.

R-15 sets up a pretty silly premise.  How many high school pornography writers are there in the world?  But beneath the low-brow veneer of simplicity there’s a plot waiting to be hatched, which I didn’t expect to find.  Anyone who writes this anime off as unworthy of attention has made a hasty judgment call.  At the very least, there’s something entertaining about the reactions of the other characters towards the openly perverted Takuto and how he plans to deal with the enigma of Fukune.


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