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Usagi Drop Ep 1

RinInitial impression – tentative

Daikichi goes to his grandfather’s funeral to find that the old man had fathered a young daughter, Rin, with a secret lover.  Now the girl’s mother has disappeared and the rest of the family doesn’t want anything to do with the child.  As talk of putting Rin in foster care begins, Daikichi can see that, despite her tender age, Rin loved her elderly father and deserves a chance to stay with the only family she has left.  To the surprise of his relatives, he makes the spontaneous decision to accept Rin into his home.

Usagi Drop‘s visual style and tone wants to mirror Wandering Son so bad it hurts.  But the first episode isn’t measuring up to that standard.  In the end, these kinds of realistic anime with unusual circumstances often boil down to their shock value.  While the real conflict for Daikichi is just starting, I can’t see Usagi Drop dealing with issues difficult or daring enough to make anything more than a mediocre, likely predictable story.


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