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Uta no Prince-sama Ep 1

Initial impression – conflicted

Being a good samaritan causes Haruka Nanami to be late for her opportunity to take the entrance exam for a high-class, private, performing arts school.  But after a couple of pretty boys come to her rescue, she makes it to the path she’s going to follow to realize her dreams.  Haruka is going to be a composer and write songs for Hayato, the pop star whose music moved her when she was troubled.  But after a fateful encounter with a man who bears a striking resemblance to Hayato on campus, she becomes conflicted.  The man denies being Hayato and underscores her hero with harsh criticisms.

A lot of little aspects of Uta no Prince-sama really rub me the wrong way, which doesn’t surprise me considering I dislike pretty boy anime geared towards girls.  That should have been the summary of my review, but it presents itself well in the first episode, so I’m not sure what to make of it at this point.  A real conflict is looming just over the horizon for the naïve Haruka and I’d like to see how she deals with this threat to her idealistic dreams.

As a small aside, Haruka’s eyes are worth noting because their design is quite eccentric, even in the anime world.  Their bright golden color with muted pupils makes her stand out from the other characters.  I’m not sure what stylistic choice may have contributed to this, but it definitely helps to make Haruka sparkle, if nothing else.


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