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Yuru Yuri Ep 1

Initial impression – good

Akari, Yui, Kyoko and Chinatsu have decided they’ll start their own club by taking over the disbanded tea club’s room.  They call it the amusement club and it will become whatever they decide as their whims ebb and flow.  Activities range from indulging in the former tea club’s equipment, brainstorming ways to make themselves more popular, to just lazing around doing nothing.  Everything is great until the student council president bursts through the door and breaks up the good times.

Yuru Yuri is a feel-good anime about junior high girls talking about random thoughts and doing random activities.  For those who want a shorter description, it’s moe.  But the moe factor is dialed down when compared to other recent titles like A-Channel.  This can be a plus or a minus depending on how you handle moe; for me it’s a minus.  That being said, there’s really not much to complain about nor is there much to praise.  It feels like a pretty standard comedy made up of a cast of all girls.  If you’ve read this far into my review you probably already know if you’re going to like Yuru Yuri or not, so I’ll end it here.


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