Ashita no Anime

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Nekogami Yaoyorozu Ep 1

Initial impression – average

Mayu, the cat spirit of fortune, was banished from the spirit realm when she kept abusing her powers of good luck for her own benefit.  Only a shadow of her former power, she’s now living in the mortal world with the impoverished, human girl Yuzu.  But when the poverty spirit Shamo, wanders into the town, the other spirits fear for Mayu and Yuzu’s futures.  A campaign is organized to drive Shamo away, but Yuzu’s abundantly generous nature may actually be the key to saving the day.

With all of the Shinto themes flying around Nekogami Yaoyorozu, I want to draw a parallel to Touhou.  The anthropomorphic creatures and various ancient spirits populating the modern city feel very reminiscent of the colorful characters in the Touhou mythos.  But given Touhou’s history and the love it gets from its army of fans, there’s really not going to be a fair comparison, even though there are very similar themes between the two titles.

Yui Horie’s willful, yet plucky voice acting in the role of Yuzu comes across great.  But is Nekogami Yaoyorozu good?  No… but I can’t offer a reason why you should hate it, either.  I’d just say there’s better stuff to be watching, but I’m also not going to discourage anyone who thinks they might want to give it a look.  It’s charming in its simplicity, but very underwhelming.


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