Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

Ro-Kyu-Bu! Ep 2

Impression – worth watching

Subaru’s last day as the coach for an elementary girls’ basketball team has come.  But outside the gym he gets confronted by the boys’ basketball team who are pleased to find his role is ending.  As it turns out, in just a week there will be a match between the two teams that will determine the girls’ team’s future.  The boys want more time to practice so they can get better and have a chance to win a championship.  They think the girls are just playing around and wasting time.  After he talks about the situation with Tomoka, the girls’ team captain, Subaru realizes that maybe both he and the boys need to learn about playing basketball for fun.

While the style of Ro-Kyu-Bu! certainly has some strong loli and moe elements, it includes them only marginally.  As I said in my review of the first episode, Kana Hanazawa’s voice acting talent really shines through the character of Tomoka and helps you relate to the plight of these girls.  I’m impressed by the excellent job this unexpected anime has done to convey a strong story of determination and finding meaning behind the things we enjoy.


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