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Yuru Yuri Ep 2

Impression – moe

Ayano, the hard-working student council vice-president, is upset with the fact that the lazy Kyoko has the best grades in the class.  When she goes to confront Kyoko, Kyoko reveals that she gets good grades because she can cram study the night before a big test.  Shaken, Ayano threatens to take away the clubroom from Kyoko if she can outscore Kyoko on the next test.  Kyoko accepts the challenge on the condition that if Ayano fails to outscore her, Ayano will have to join the club.  The next day, two student council clerks, Himawari and Sakurako, are assigned to sort papers in the student council room while Ayano goes off to look for Kyoko.  While sorting, Kyoko happens to stop by with the rest of the club and offers to help sort papers.  They finish and end up leaving before a frustrated Ayano returns to find she had received help from her enemy.

Yuru Yuri is cute, but somewhat spacey in its direction.  It can’t seem to focus on just one theme or goal and roll with it.  While this sort of arrangement is certainly a staple of success for many moe anime, for some reason Yuru Yuri feels like a long string of cliff hangers.  There are so many loose threads flying around unresolved that I wonder if they will ever get revisited.  Or maybe I’ll just completely forget about the unresolved plot elements and things will tumble along on their merry way.  I’m hesitant to say Yuru Yuri is bad, because it has some very lovely moments where it shines brightly.  That being said, I’m pretty sure this is something I’m going to be completing just for the sake of catching those few scenes of brilliance.


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