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Blue Exorcist (ongoing)

Impression – vigorous

Rin Okumura never had an inkling of the terrible secrets his past held.  Considering his foster father is the world’s greatest exorcist, it came as a total shock to find out he’s the spawn of Satan himself.  But he’s not fully demonic, because his mother was human.  When Satan possesses his old man during a moment of weakness, he must choose which side he’s going to fight for.  Knowing the love his adoptive father gave him is more than enough for him to decide to become an exorcist himself.  But there are those who doubt Rin’s resolve, as he’s constantly tempted to use his demon powers rather than rely on his own strength.  If he doesn’t keep himself under control, rather than worrying about Satan, Rin may end up being his own worst enemy.

The action sequences and demon-slaying theme of Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist in Japanese) compare and contrast nicely with the early days of Bleach.  Similar to Ichigo, Rin gets put into a tough situation where he’s forced to fight monsters or watch his friends die.  The plot grows as a strong support cast comes out to support the overzealous protagonist.  However, unlike Bleach, which just went willy-nilly wherever the winds carried it, Blue Exorcist seems to be planned out much better and is shaping itself up for a great ending come the conclusion at episode 25.  The fight sequences are well done and the comedic moments are well timed.  For now, this is 2011’s definitive shounen anime.


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