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Impression – progressing nicely

For the idols of Studio 765, this month is pretty harsh.  Nobody was able to get a job this month, so resources are running low.  The producer thinks maybe the lack of jobs can be blamed on some poorly done promotion photos that Studio 765 had taken before he arrived.  Thus, by his recommendation, the staff is going to retake them.  Most of the girls know what kind of image they want to portray, but the four youngest, Ami, Mami, Irori, and Yayoi, have trouble deciding on a theme that suits them best.  After failing to portray a more mature look, they start a brainstorming session to decide what look works best to give them individuality.

The iDOLM@STER is certainly entertaining, even if it lacks any big potential.  With a cast this big, it’s certainly hard to fit everyone in and give equal time, which is a bit disappointing because each character brings a considerable amount of pep and variety.  There are some very fun, relatable moments in episode 2 that give you a nice smile.  While there have been many anime that feature idols as a side diversion, seeing a “behind the scenes” portrayal is a refreshing take on the concept.  Another idol anime that comes to mind is White Album, but the tone of The iDOLM@STER is much more fun and colorful.  With only twelve episodes, I have a sinking feeling that everything is going to feel rushed, but all things considered, I’m not discouraged.


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