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Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Ep 1

Initial impression – boring and formulaic

Haruka and Aoi are the magic girl heroine duo Twin Angel.  During the day they’re just normal jr. high school students, but at night when evildoers come out, they transform into Twin Angel and save the day.  Tomorrow, their school is hosting the presentation of a mystical tiara at the campus museum.  But thief and mecha designer Salome has been given the mission to steal the ancient relic.  While battling Salome’s robot the following night, she transforms the magic girls into cat girls using a noxious gas.  But when all hope seems lost, Misty Knight arrives to free them from a cat girl life because the gas only works on females.  After defeating Salome’s robot, she flies off in a hot air balloon and the tiara is safe.

There’s really just no contest against other magic girl shows when Twin Angel gets measured up against the recent genre-breaker Madoka Magica or hit classic My-HiME.  So yeah, Twin Angel has taken the magic girl genre and followed the formula to the letter.  With moe, loli characters, transformation sequences, a secret identity, questionably explained superpowers, a backup support network, and an evil organization to be the fall guys who manage to avoid capture after every conflict, there’s nothing original here to speak of.  They even brought in Yukari Tamura of Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha fame to do the voice for Haruka.  Aoi gets graced with another voice talent Mamiko Noto, whose fabulous career is too long to include here.  So Twin Angel not only fails to deviate the slightest bit from the established magic girl formula, it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth hearing such voice actress’s talents being wasted on what’s possibly the worst show of summer 2011.


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