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Dragon Crisis (last thoughts)

Final impression – …a little disappointing 6/10

Winter 2011

Ryuuji Kisaragi’s hot cousin Eriko, is a treasure hunter and she’s recruited him to join her new organization to search the world for obscure curiosities.  But to start out, it’s just the two of them retrieving a box of stolen items from a shady underground organization called Fang.  Upon opening it, Ryuuji finds that it contains a beautiful blonde girl who seems to recognize him.  When they take her back to his apartment, Eriko finds scales on the girl’s hand, revealing that she’s an infant dragon who has transformed into a young girl.  Lacking a name, Ryuuji decides to call her Rose because of the scale pattern on her hand.  Becoming involved with dragons may have been a deadly decision when Rose’s fiancé Onyx arrives to reclaim his bride.

The plot of Dragon Crisis feels very forced in many ways.  Most of the characters don’t seem to be doing anything because they want to.  It’s more of an obligation to fill the roles they’ve been assigned and isn’t natural.  This is tempered a bit by Rie Kugimiya’s talent for portraying some of the most fun girls in anime.  We typically see her in the role of tsundere, but Rose is much less tsun (aloof) and much more dere (loving) than many of Rie’s past roles.  The dramatic opening for Dragon Crisis is sung by Yui Horie, but oddly enough her role as a voice actress in the anime is fairly minor.  If you’re not interested in watching Dragon Crisis, I can understand, but please at least watch the fun, chibi ending theme.


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