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Freezing (last thoughts)

Final impression – excellent story, mediocre presentation 7/10

Winter 2011

In the near future, an invasion of beings called Novas from an alternate dimension has left everyone to rely on the Pandoras to protect the world.  Pandoras can only be women and they are created by merging parts from the Novas into adolescent girls to develop super-human strength and agility.  But the men aren’t useless.  After bonding with a Pandora, a boy can become that girl’s limiter – a partner capable of neutralizing some of the Novas’ passive strength in battle.  Satellizer el Bridgette is one of the most notorious Pandoras, known not only for her temper but also her amazing strength that’s allowed her to progress in West Genetics, the Pandora training academy, without the need for a limiter.  That is, until the timid Kazuya Aoi decides to intensely pursue becoming Satellizer’s partner.  He’d better watch his back because he’s not only an amazingly powerful limiter, but he can also perform the role without bonding to a Pandora.  If the other girls realize the strength of combining Satellizer with Kazuya, their jealousy will stop at nothing to prevent the two prodigies-in-potential from pairing up.

So yeah…Freezing.  There’s not much that can be said to sugarcoat an anime where several times an episode, busty girls are going to be slashing each other’s clothes off.  But if you keep an open mind about the in-your-face nature of Freezing’s ecchiness and its lack of censorship, I think you’ll be surprised to find something a little more sophisticated than you would have expected.  Freezing takes on some deep psychological issues, such as rape being about control rather than lust as well as the damaged psyche of a rape victim.  Characters also have complexes within their personalities and selfish ulterior motives that you’d expect such powerful, competitive and stressed people to possess.  With these subthemes giving the plot and setting a foundation to work on, Freezing compares favorably to Queen’s Blade.  Voice talents Mamiko Noto and Kana Hanazawa also contribute brilliantly.  But if you can’t see the hidden subtleties of Freezing for all the boobs and panties, at the very least you can watch it for its fast-paced action and well-played science fiction story that I feel is really at the heart of this overlooked anime.


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