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Shinryaku! Ika Musume (review)

Final impression – Delightfully comedic.  A must-watch. 9/10

Fall 2010 – (title literal translation – Invade! Squid Girl)

Humans beware!  You’ve polluted, overfished and scorned the ocean for the last time!  Fear the powers of Squid Girl, the invader from the deep!  Or at least that’s what she’d have you believe when she attempts to seize control of the beach-side restaurant, Lemon, as her base of operations.  But the young owners Eriko and Chizuru have plans to put her tentacles to work waiting on the customers.  From there it’s a series of missteps from her original goal of world domination as she slowly comes to the conclusion that not all humans are so bad, after all.

It’s too easy to make comparisons between Ika Musume and Sgt. Frog.  They’re both anthropomorphic denizens who have come to society to conquer the world.  However, their missions get sidetracked by adventures, new experiences and little realizations that the world they’re trying to subjugate is actually quite nice as it already is.  For me at least, the themes of Ika Musume strike a little closer to home because of my love of the oceans and the story plays nicely with fun, original and most importantly, interesting ideas.  The art style stays away from moe or chibi themes that might turn away some viewers and goes with a bright, colorful, cheerful, cartoony style that’s distinct and creates a perfect tone for the story to unfold.  Ika Musume is a humorous, feel-good anime loaded with tons of squidding fun!


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