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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (review)

Final impression – Original, but nothing groundbreaking 6/10

Summer 2011 (title literal translation – A Black Rabbit has Seven Lives)

Taito Kurogane thinks he’s just a normal high school student with an average amount of misfortunes for someone his age.  But all that changes when he gives his life to save a girl he doesn’t even know from getting hit by a truck.  As he lies in the road expecting death…it never comes.  Miraculously, his body knits itself back together and suddenly he knows what he must do.  The healing magic courses through him and in a rush of repressed memories that come flooding back, he seeks out his childhood sweetheart, the powerful vampire Saitohimea, who he made a pact with many years ago and who granted him his immortal body.  But their reunion doesn’t go smoothly when the sorcerer who separated them in the first place reappears, intent on renewing the curse that was just broken.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi breaks with some anime stereotypes initially by giving its lead hero a true love immediately from the outset.  This was a refreshing deviation from the typical setup of stringing the love story along through a series of awkward, indecisive circumstances that may or may not lead to a partnership at the anime’s conclusion.  That being said, Itsuten deviates back into the territory of annoyingly nebulous love and inserts what feels like a very forced “innocent homewrecker” mentality from the love triangle’s third corner.  All in all, the action of this anime was well played, the concept mostly fresh and it gets points for at least attempting to have its romance deviate from established norms. But it loses those points almost as quickly when it winds down to its nonconclusion that is begging for a second season to tie up the loose ends.  At the start, I had thought I was getting an anime that would be much more revolutionary than it turned out to be.


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