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Kamisama Dolls (review)

Final impression – incomplete…waiting for season 2 (7/10)

Summer 2011 (title literal translation – God Dolls)

Kyouhei came to Tokyo to escape the traumas of his past in the remote Karakami Village, a place where the elite families control powerful, supernatural mecha called Kakashi.  He used to be an amazingly talented Seki, one of the keepers of these devices some of the villagers respect as gods.  However, he passed that responsibility to his litter sister, Utao, who wants nothing more than to live up to the strength of her brother.  But nowhere is far enough away to escape from Aki, the Seki who went on a rampage with his Kakashi many years ago.  He is indignant at the circumstances of his troubled life and is obsessed with the fact that Kyouhei abandoned his former strength in an effort to deny what Aki believes to be his true, much darker nature.

This is probably my own bias speaking, but I’m getting sick of these ~13 episode anime that can’t come to a semi-decent conclusion.  Instead, their loose ends resemble a frayed ship mooring cable and the viewer is left wondering if a second season will ever even be made.  Kamisama Dolls at least has the decency to leave us with the message that it will in fact be returning to wrap things up, so I give it a moderate level of forgiveness in that aspect.  Waiting for a second season done properly is certainly better than enduring years of filler arcs I could point to in certain shounen anime.

Complaining aside, Kamisama Dolls is a pretty decent show.  Although we meet the characters well after the traumatic events that shaped their current relationships, their reactions to each other are well founded and set the stage for the plot to unfold, so the characters are never reduced to tropes.  The Kakashi, the “god dolls” that the story revolves around, also give some interesting metaphors to explore as each character has a unique view of just what these enigmatic devices are and what their purpose should be.  Because it intrigued me sufficiently (unlike the similarly loose-ended Yumekui Merry) I’m going to allow Kamisama Dolls a bit of reprieve and bank on its potential second season giving just as much to look forward to as this season provided.


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