Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

Fate/Zero Ep. 1

Initial impression – smooth

Autumn 2011 to winter 2012 (25 episodes) (more info)

Given that Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night, a well-reviewed anime that had a huge viewership, most of us already know how Zero is going to end.  That being said, attention to detail and a plot that flows seamlessly are going to be of utmost importance.  I’m very pleased to find that this is already the case in the first episode.  I especially liked that this first episode was double in length from a normal episode in order to adequately get everyone introduced without squishing content into an allotted amount of time.  However, unlike FSN, Zero goes right away and introduces all of the characters from the outset.  After that kind of setup, I want to see clarity of the characters’ motives and the same cleverly devised twists in the battles that made Fate/Stay Night a great anime to watch.  Type-Moon has been well established as the people who make some of the classiest anime, and I’m expecting Fate/Zero to be no different.


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