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Tamayura – Hitotose Ep. 1

Final impression – empty nothing (3/10)

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Fleeting Moments – Some Time Ago) (more info)

Tamayura – Hitotose has one of the worst art styles I’ve seen since Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt but for completely different reasons.  There is so little depth to the visuals it looks like it was drawn back in the mid 90s and I expected the aspect ratio to revert back to 4:3 at any second.  The plot isn’t much better—just a story about a girl moving from the city to the countryside and the difficulties of that transition.  She even has time to say goodbye to her friends and properly prepare with her family for the move.  It’s simple, ordinary and uninteresting.  Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere has a more exciting plot and I’m not even sure what Horizon’s plot is.  I can see the creators were going for a nice, quiet anime devoid of garishness, but that also means it’s lacking anything to punctuate its neutrality.  I feel that writing this review about Tamayura was more exciting.  It is the most boring anime I’ve had the displeasure of watching one episode of in a long time.


One response to “Tamayura – Hitotose Ep. 1

  1. Justin October 22, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Even more boring than Mashiro-Iro Symphony…

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