Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

UN-GO Ep. 1

Final impression – a disgusting imitation  (2/10)

Autumn 2011 (11 episodes) (more info)

UN-GO wants to be Code Geass so bad I could puke.  Everything from its art style, to the needlessly complicated plot and the characters’ murky motives and personalities just oozes of the worst of Geass.  But if all those details didn’t make it obvious enough which anime they were trying to parody, the crown jewel of this blatant rip-off is the character Inga—who uses eye-magic to compel people to do things against their will.  From there it gets worse, which I didn’t think was even possible at this point.  The plot is one of those poorly constructed detective stories that forgets the key point to making a good mystery is to give the viewers enough clues to let them try and figure out the answer on their own before the big reveal at the end.  Instead, it keeps all the little details to itself in a maddening attempt to inflate the legendary genius of the main characters.  Just as Horizon got an undeserved privileged spot on ANN’s autumn preview list, UN-GO is another fine example of a horrible product that managed to get a good marketing team.  I’m disappointed in you Bones; you can do better than this.


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