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Last Week’s Tweets 11/20 – 11/26

Anime of the Week – Squid Girl 2
Squid Girl can be a pretty hit and miss anime. But when it’s good, it’s pure awesome sauce.
November 20 Higurashi Kira Ep. 2 If you told me to imagine a situation where Higurashi was given a “magic girl makeover,” this is would be it.
Fate/Zero. Ep. 8 This anime’s pace is unusual. It watches elegantly, balanced with emotion and action, but I’m seeing a lack of progress.
November 21 Mirai Nikki Ep. 7 I wonder if the R-rated scenes in this anime will be uncensored when it gets released on DVD.
Shana III Ep. 7 The events of this anime are transpiring in an orderly, logical but somewhat plodding pace that could have been done better.
Working 2 Ep. 8 Soma is good at padding time onto episodes with his pointless delays teasing people. There’s a limit to that kind of gag.
November 23 Persona 4 Ep. 7 The impact of a lot of this anime’s surprises is lessened when you already know the outcome from playing the video game.
Mashiro-iro Ep. 2 Only two episodes in and the familiar awkwardness of the lead male of an h-game is already well established.
Squid Girl 2 Ep. 4 As an English teacher in Japan, the first part of this episode was relevant to my interests. The English was good, too.
Last Exile 2 Ep. 2 I feel like there was a massive disconnect between episode 1 and 2. As if there was a big chunk of story simply omitted.
November 24 Squid Girl 2 Ep. 5 What a shift… a great episode followed by a forgettable one. Hopefully episode 6 can get things back on pace.

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Last Week’s Tweets 11/13 – 11/19

Anime of the Week – Working!! 2
It’s nice to slow down and appreciate the little things that make life worth living. The silly relationships between the characters of Working!! 2 make this anime a joy to watch.
November 14 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 4 Despite this episode being nothing but a long string of moe stereotypes, I was smiling the whole time.
Working 2 Ep. 4 Ah, the confusion and misunderstandings. The whole episode is a tribute to the adage, “assuming makes an ass of you and me.”
Working 2 Ep. 5 There’s two ways to react when you see other people loafing around. You can either reprimand them or join them.
Fate/Zero Ep. 6 Some more story building. An interesting episode that makes me wonder… Just who is the most ruthless character?
Fate/Zero Ep. 7 My favorite servant’s existence is on the line. I was hoping for a longer run. Then the ending is a cruel cliffhanger.
Shana III Ep. 6 Some shoddy history building leading up to what I presume is going to be some good action in episode 7. I can’t wait.
Guilty Crown Ep. 5 I like the music and art style of this anime, but the more I watch, I’m less convinced the story is going anywhere.
November 15 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 5 I wonder how many more times in this short series we’re going to see everyone get together and play video games.
Working 2 Ep. 6 Some people are really bad at reading the atmosphere in social situations. I can sympathize with Takanashi’s troubles.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 6 Using a future diary to endear yourself to your future mother-in-law must be every lovestruck/stalker girl’s dream.
Persona 4 Ep. 3 I’m seeing some small side tracks from the story as it was told in the video game, so I’m getting more optimistic.
November 16 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 6 The rivalry of Yozora and Sena is weird but also indescribably fun. Sadly, the rest of the plot feels transparent.
Persona 4 Ep. 4 The action and the drama are much better composed as the series continues. I wonder if this pace can continue…
Persona 4 Ep. 5 I was wondering how the game’s side-story arcana characters were going to fit into the series. It’s feeling rushed again.
Working 2 Ep. 7 I’m not sure what to take away from this weird episode besides the fact that Yamada’s older brother is Sakai Yuji.
November 18 Persona 4 Ep. 6 With only six episodes left, there’s no way this series is going to end without feeling badly crunched. Sequel? OVA? Movie?
Guilty Crown Ep. 6 This anime is very pretty, but the plot is getting murkier with each episode and character motives are just inconsistent.
C3 Ep. 7 The way this anime cleverly flits from ecchi to elegant and humorous to serious is simply wonderful. Such clever composition.
Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 7 Has this anime’s formula already run out? It’s still interesting and funny, but it’s now lacking freshness.

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Last Week’s Tweets 11/6 – 11/12

Anime of the Week – Mirai Nikki
Just what is Yuno’s goal? We know she’s crazy, but is she really and truly dangerous? Either way, she’s not going far from Yukiteru’s side because her future diary is pointless if she’s not close by.
November 6 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 2 I love the horrible nicknames Sena and Yozora come up with for each other. This anime is ridiculously fun.
November 7 Shana III Ep. 5 The start of this series was quite slow with all the flashbacks, but things are definitely heating up now.
C3 Ep. 5 This anime matches cute and dark; bright and profound very elegantly. It’s a little scattered, but that just makes it more fun.
November 8 Mirai Nikki Ep. 2 Already Amano is getting into the thick of things, but I’m worried this kind of fast story will get too complicated fast.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 3 One moment it’s clichés galore and then it all goes disturbingly twisted. I like it, but is it actually a good thing?
November 9 Mirai Nikki Ep. 4 Yukiteru tries to escape from Yuno’s frightful personality. But getting too far away may be even more dangerous.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 5 If future diary owners keep dying at this rate, Yukiteru is going to win by episode 13. And this is a 26 episode series.
Working 2 Ep. 3 This anime does a great job highlighting the intricacies of relationships and how little actions can have big effects.
November 10 C3 Ep. 6 Given past experience with anime of this nature, I was expecting there to be a fan service episode by now. I’m happy I was wrong.
November 12 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 3 How many men would really presume that because a pretty girl doesn’t have a guy by her side that she’s single?

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The iDOLM@STER (ongoing)

Impression – not bad at all

Summer 2011 to autumn 2011 (25 episodes) (more info)

To be honest, the only reason I gave The iDOLM@STER a snowball’s chance in hell is because I play the Japanese trading card game Weiss Schwarz, and The iDOLM@STER is a very popular title (it’s also quite strong for those who don’t know anything about the game).  So I wanted to learn more about the source material for this set of cards.  Overall, I’ve been intriuged.  The iDOLM@STER started out painfully slow, but it’s started to work its way into my heart and on a couple occasions I caught myself cheering for the girls.  When I first started watching, I had mistakenly thought the series was only 13 episodes and I was wondering how they were going to cover all the girls without feeling a nasty time crunch come episode 12.  Even with 25 episodes it’s a bit of a squeeze, but I’m seeing the method to the madness.  The writers have chosen not to focus on particular girls as facets while the story progresses, but rather on the whole gem that is all the girls working together as a cohesive unit.  Ocassionally one girl will be the target for a particular side sequence, but it’s always about highlighting the teamwork the girls share to accomplish their dreams together and that’s surprisingly powerful given this anime’s premise and source material.  There’s nothing earthshattering about The iDOLM@STER, but it’s fun and that counts for a lot.

Last Week’s Tweets 10/30 – 11/5

I’ve decided to start a small weekly column here on Ashita no Anime for getting some more discussion about my tweets. =D

October 30 Shana III Ep. 3 Hopefully this will be the last episode of flashbacks and we can finally get things fired up in episode 4.
Shana III Ep. 4 This is one of the many times I find myself applauding someone’s motives, but decrying their methods. Best episode so far.
October 31 Fate/Zero Ep. 4 The well-balanced and excellent pacing of the battles in this anime is the reason I love Type-Moon.
C3 Ep. 4 That’s some pretty deep thinking. Understanding the world’s misdeeds and standing up for what is right rather than running from it.
November 1 Guilty Crown Ep. 2 I liked the opening song for episode 1 better than the official opening. The end of episode 2 was clichéd, though.
November 2 Guilty Crown Ep. 3 Shu has made some moral choices that aren’t working out for him. I’m glad the clichés aren’t affecting the main story.
November 4 Fate/Zero Ep. 5 In this episode we see some alliances being formed. It seems rider is going to be this series’ comic relief. <_,<
Guilty Crown Ep. 4 I love how this anime paces enough info to keep me excited for the next episode, but enough action to satisfy me now.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep. 1

Initial impression – a theme that is close to the heart

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – I Don’t Have Many Friends) (more info)

Boku wa Tomodachi takes inspiration for its graceful art style from Denpa Onna and gets its spunky character personalities from Oreimo—not a bad foundation if you ask me.  It gets better from there with some particularly deep character traits that remind me of the kind of person I was in high school—jaded, without friends, content with my solitude but at the same time longing for a true companion I could trust.  Surely, there must be a way for people with those kinds of personalities to find friends.  And that’s what Boku wa Tomodachi is about.  A group of socially awkward young people brought together by their loosely shared trait of being socially awkward.  Who would’ve guessed such a formula could work so well?  The characters are nicely diverse with lifestyles from very different paths, which creates a setting that is ripe for enjoyable conflicts.

Maken-Ki! Ep. 1

Final impression – worthless  (2/10)

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Maken Princess!) (more info)

What a worthless pile of plot devices.  A cast of girls with huge boobs—aside from the single flat-chested girl who will undoubtedly be the target of clichéd jokes.  The girl archetypes include the childhood friend, the tsundere rival and the inexplicable fiancé out of left field.  The setting is another battle high school like Majikoi and I say since we already have one very similar, badly concocted battle high school story this season, Maken-ki doesn’t need to exist.  What exactly are the origins of these superpowers, anyways?  Freezing did the courtesy of explaining the purpose of its training program.  You would also figure that if this high school is famous for its martial arts curriculum, someone would have clued in the main character on this fact before he enrolled.  Instead he’s completely blindsided and portrayed as a weak pervert who has to rely on the girls around him to save his life.  I can’t remember another male lead with such a weak personality since Keitaro from Love Hina.  How does anime this bad even make it to air and who actually wants to watch this vacuous waste of time?