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Last Week’s Tweets 10/30 – 11/5

I’ve decided to start a small weekly column here on Ashita no Anime for getting some more discussion about my tweets. =D

October 30 Shana III Ep. 3 Hopefully this will be the last episode of flashbacks and we can finally get things fired up in episode 4.
Shana III Ep. 4 This is one of the many times I find myself applauding someone’s motives, but decrying their methods. Best episode so far.
October 31 Fate/Zero Ep. 4 The well-balanced and excellent pacing of the battles in this anime is the reason I love Type-Moon.
C3 Ep. 4 That’s some pretty deep thinking. Understanding the world’s misdeeds and standing up for what is right rather than running from it.
November 1 Guilty Crown Ep. 2 I liked the opening song for episode 1 better than the official opening. The end of episode 2 was clichéd, though.
November 2 Guilty Crown Ep. 3 Shu has made some moral choices that aren’t working out for him. I’m glad the clichés aren’t affecting the main story.
November 4 Fate/Zero Ep. 5 In this episode we see some alliances being formed. It seems rider is going to be this series’ comic relief. <_,<
Guilty Crown Ep. 4 I love how this anime paces enough info to keep me excited for the next episode, but enough action to satisfy me now.

*You could have read these tweets in real time as I updated my status by following me on Twitter.


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