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Last Week’s Tweets 11/6 – 11/12

Anime of the Week – Mirai Nikki
Just what is Yuno’s goal? We know she’s crazy, but is she really and truly dangerous? Either way, she’s not going far from Yukiteru’s side because her future diary is pointless if she’s not close by.
November 6 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 2 I love the horrible nicknames Sena and Yozora come up with for each other. This anime is ridiculously fun.
November 7 Shana III Ep. 5 The start of this series was quite slow with all the flashbacks, but things are definitely heating up now.
C3 Ep. 5 This anime matches cute and dark; bright and profound very elegantly. It’s a little scattered, but that just makes it more fun.
November 8 Mirai Nikki Ep. 2 Already Amano is getting into the thick of things, but I’m worried this kind of fast story will get too complicated fast.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 3 One moment it’s clichés galore and then it all goes disturbingly twisted. I like it, but is it actually a good thing?
November 9 Mirai Nikki Ep. 4 Yukiteru tries to escape from Yuno’s frightful personality. But getting too far away may be even more dangerous.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 5 If future diary owners keep dying at this rate, Yukiteru is going to win by episode 13. And this is a 26 episode series.
Working 2 Ep. 3 This anime does a great job highlighting the intricacies of relationships and how little actions can have big effects.
November 10 C3 Ep. 6 Given past experience with anime of this nature, I was expecting there to be a fan service episode by now. I’m happy I was wrong.
November 12 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 3 How many men would really presume that because a pretty girl doesn’t have a guy by her side that she’s single?

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