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Anime of the Week 12/18 – 12/31

Anime of the Week – Guilty Crown
I greatly enjoy seeing the growth of the characters in Guilty Crown as well as some of the more recent plot surprises that overturned my past expectations.
December 20 Persona 4 Ep. 11 It’ll be impossible to catch some of the jokes in this episode, funny as they are, without having played the video game.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 11 With all the backstabbing and personality clashes I wonder if the creators of this show modeled it after Survivor.
December 21 Fate/Zero Ep. 12 Illya and Iri’s similar personalities are an interesting facet of the story that helps connect the mother and daughter.
Working 2 Ep. 12 I wonder if the writers are just making things up as they go or if they have intentions to someday create conclusions.
December 26 Mirai Nikki Ep. 12 It pays to be a data pack rat. Save everything. You just never know when those backups are going to come in handy.
December 30 Guilty Crown Ep. 11 A fast-paced turn of events has pulled me back into this series. I can’t predict how the story will unfold from here.

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