Ashita no Anime

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Brave 10 Ep. 1

Final impression – unpolished and childish shounen (4/10)

Winter 2012 (12 episodes) (more info)

Brave 10 is a testament to some really bad design with incomprehensible, unbelievable personalities popping up in every new character we meet.  Saizo’s actions and words are so inconsistent that it’s unbearably annoying and Isanami’s playful, happy-go-lucky attitude is not becoming of someone who just lost every friend in the world and is now on the run in fear for her life.  The pitifully transparent foreshadowing doesn’t bode well for the writing, either. When Yukimura Sanada just comes right out and says he’s going to need ten warriors by his side before he can start fixing anything, it’s pretty obvious that we’re going to have to put up with a drawn-out, pathetically simplistic build up of gathering party members.  And considering the nature of the battles we’ve seen thus far, they’re all sure to be thimble-shallow oddballs based around some superpower theme.  Despite all this negativity I’m oozing, the action scenes are really well done and would have complimented a much better story. So if you’re looking for a shounen, action anime with samurai and ninja that’s all about spectacle, Brave 10 is the show for you.


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