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Nisemonogatari Ep. 1

Initial impression – if you haven’t seen Bakemonogatari, go watch it so you can fully enjoy its sequel

Winter 2012 (11 episodes) (title literal translation – Imitation Story) (more info)

Perhaps I simply received bad information or maybe I read it incorrectly, but I had the distinct impression that Nisemonogatari was going to be primarily about Araragi’s little sisters.  But so far we’ve only seen Tsukihi berating her older brother for his cluelessness when it comes to women’s hearts and Karen is thus far completely absent.  It all starts with Araragi’s free spirit getting reigned in by Senjougahara’s pure black, oppressively sadistic affection.  Then the lion’s share of this first episode is Araragi and Hachikuji playing with semantics in the Japanese language to great comic effect that feels like something straight out of this anime’s predecessor, Bakemonogatari.   The distinct lack of a mission for Araragi to pursue in Nisemonogatari leaves an empty feeling of directionlessness.  Maybe this is going to be the new facet that sets Nisemonogatari apart from its roots and will allow it to just indulge in its hilariously reckless tempo.  Bottom line, if you liked the original series, then Nisemonogatari is definitely going to please because the spirit that made Bakemonogatari Anime of the Year for 2009 is still alive and well.


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