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Rinne no Lagrange Ep. 1

Initial impression – natural enthusiasm

Winter 2012 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Lagrange of Endless Rebirth) (English title – Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne) (more info)

Rinne no Lagrange is an anime with a lot of positive energy.  There’s a distinct theme that it’s good to help people simply for its own sake.  I’m sensing a lot of déjà vu since the main character’s name is Madoka.  I wonder if “Madoka” is becoming a name that’s synonymous with girls who will save the world.  Interestingly, Madoka’s older cousin is leery of her younger relative’s overly chipper attitude, signaling that there’s something going on behind the scenes.  I like this pacing because it gives a nice amount of foreshadowing without revealing too much about what’s really going on.  Whether this backstory is well-written remains to be seen.  Madoka’s first steps into her robot remind me of Shinji Ikari—go sit in the cockpit and wing it; by the way you’ll be fighting another robot and you could die.  She starts her unreasonable task with the same bewildered confusion as Shinji.  But Madoka at least manages to complete her mission with slightly more grace and with a much more positive attitude.  And that’s the story of the atmosphere that permeates Rinne.  It’s an overflowing amount of positive emotions and can-do spirit that Madoka exudes in her daily life.  She just wants to help people and challenge herself in order to be certain she’s fully capable of any task necessary of her.  But what’s most distinct about Rinne is that Madoka has the right personality to be normal and believable.  She isn’t arrogant in her abilities or overly humble to the point of lacking self preservation, but feels like a “natural hero,” who is likeable and easy to support.


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