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Mouretsu Pirates Ep. 1

Final impression – plot holes big enough to fly a spaceship through (3/10)

Winter 2012 to Spring 2012 (26 episodes) (English title – Bodacious Space Pirates) (more info)

Despite Mouretsu Pirates‘ female protagonist, the overall tone of the anime from its drawing style, character design, subject material and right down to the way it composes its story is decidedly shounen.  After that, it’s all one incomprehensible turn of events after another.  The main character is just a normal high school girl living in some nondescript corner of the galaxy when one day she finds out she’s the daughter of a powerful pirate and his crew is here to accept her as their new captain… Hold on, isn’t the right of succession for pirates be determined by rank and not inheritance? That would naturally mean that after the captain’s death, command of the spaceship would go to his first mate, right?  If I was a pirate I would want to follow the orders of a commander that knows how to be a leader, not his clueless, uninitiated daughter.  Then we are expected to believe that pirates X,000 years in the future will still be wearing clothes from the 16th century.  It’s these kinds of silly stylistic choices that can make an otherwise decent story so unnatural that it becomes impossible to take it seriously, even in jest.  Mouretsu also abuses the overused plot device of having the shady stranger conveniently become the homeroom teacher in order to keep an eye on things.  It then begins to foreshadow that her classmates are going to become entangled in the unlikely roles of piracy.  Seriously?  This is the best recruiting strategy a group of accomplished space pirates can come up with?  Don’t mistake me for some unimaginative realist who can’t tolerate some stylistic randomness for the sake of having fun.  But when it reaches levels of disconnect that start affecting the setting’s credibility, it’s just a bunch of poorly constructed nonsense.


2 responses to “Mouretsu Pirates Ep. 1

  1. Nadir January 20, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Just for your information, pirates captains were usually chosen through elections. As for the pirate’s recruiting strategy, it was to take some sailors from the ships they captured, for their clothing, it has always been random but erring on the flashy side.
    The difference here is that it is the government who chose how the letter of marque would be inerited so that the privateers would be easier to handle in the future.

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