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High School DxD Ep. 1

Initial impression – succeeding at being bad

Winter 2012 (12 episodes) (more info)

The first thing you need to know about High School DxD?  It’s very ecchi.  So if ecchi isn’t your style you can stop here and go read one of my other reviews.  Oh?  You’re still interested?  Well then, if you’re going to pick an ecchi anime you can certainly do much worse than High School DxD.  Most ecchi anime stick with relatively tame panty shots or clever angles to hide the best parts; in this anime, fully exposed, bouncy boobs are fair game.  The drawing style looks amateaurish with lens flares cheaply used to censor the best parts below the waist and that choice somehow fits with the spirit of immaturity that permeates this anime.  It’s seriously lacking in plot substance, but it’s paced quite well and leaves enough of itself open to keep things entertaining.  High School DxD is an ecchi anime where it’s just sort of nice to relax and drink in all of the eye candy constructed around a simple story.  That’s not praise, so much as a begrudging nod that High School DxD knows what it wants to accomplish and it’s doing it well.  I’ll say that if you’re looking for an ecchi anime that knows how to be entertaining without being too stupid then High School DxD might deserve to be given a chance.


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