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Mashiro-iro Symphony (review)

Final impression – slow and quiet (5/10)

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Pure White Symphony)

Shingo and his sister Sakuno are participating in a school merger program in their small town.  They’re attending an all-girls school and this is the first time young men have set foot in this school for some time.  The girls school student council president is naturally against a change as large as introducing male students to campus.  When push comes to shove, Shingo is the kind of guy who isn’t going to get flustered by a stubborn female rival.  He slowly starts to make inroads with some of the less temperamental girls and shows that he’s capable of being a friend and ally.  Things are tough, but he’s making good progress as an ambassador for his school and probably more importantly for his gender.  But when he is assigned to be the men’s representative on the student council, that’s when things are going to really get interesting.

I’m glad the year of the inept male is finally over and we can get back to anime where the main man has a likeable personality.  Unfortunately, all the women around him are completely dependent on his motivation and leadership if they want to be successful.  It starts to get really annoying because it’s dragged out way too long. Watching the middle of this anime feels like a chore.  All the same, I’m pleased that Mashiro-iro doesn’t give away the main heroine until the very end.  It manages to keep relationships fairly natural and believable, even if that means it has to take things slower than I’d prefer.  But the fact that I wanted very much to know who Shingo ended up falling in love with kept me motivated just enough to finish it.  Considering its easygoing pace and balance, Mashiro-iro is one of those quiet anime that’s nice and relaxing to watch every once in a while.


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