Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

Mirai Nikki (ongoing)

Impression – sometimes clumsy, but always inescapably exciting

Autumn 2011 to winter 2012 (26 episodes) (more info)

It’s a satisfying accomplishment that Mirai Nikki manages to create a compelling scenario that keeps two very different people together for a common goal—even when one is a boring, weak, down-to-earth average Joe and the other is an obsessive, willful, crazy, psychopath.  But while the necessity of Yuno and Yukitero staying together feels like a match made in hell, it doesn’t help the rest of the anime when so many of the other characters keep passing on their chances to win this survival game.  It usually boils down to massive personality flaws borne either of a pretentious and overconfident nature or simply overindulging in the thrill of their admittedly finite powers of prediction.  Either way, the end result causes them to foolishly forfeit the opportunity of an unbelievable reward.  But setting aside that niggling little shortcoming, Mirai Nikki is dramatic and unpredictable, which keeps everything tense and thrilling.  The twists of this often painfully engrossing anime always leave me wanting more.


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