Ashita no Anime

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Guilty Crown (ongoing)

Impression – half over, all awesome

Autumn 2011 to winter 2012 (22 episodes) (more info)

At the halfway point of Guilty Crown, it feels like everything is finished.  But…there’s still another full season of content.  It’s very clear that this anime has decided to split its story into two very distinct arcs, which I’m worried is going to give the impression that the first arc was just a drawn-out way of establishing setting for what is now the main story.  Just how much of what happened in the first half is going to matter in the second is still up in the air.  But with such an abrupt change of direction, much of what came before may not continue to contribute meaningfully to current events.  An anime that’s only half-important to watch is liable to only be half good.  But I feel that I’m being overly pessimistic with that evaluation because Guilty Crown has some really brilliant action.  It’s also trying its best to be a supernatural thriller, and while I give an A for effort, when the best it can muster is an apocalypse, I’ve seen much better compositions on that theme in other anime.  My advice is to watch Guilty Grown for its gorgeous music, smooth art style and top-notch fights that exhibit some amazing spontaneity and creativity.


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