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Anime of the Week 3/4 – 3/10

Anime of the Week – Black★Rock Shooter
I’ve always liked the engaging qualities of a bad guy with respectable motives. At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that BRS is this season’s best anime.
March 4 Nisemonogatari Ep. 9 We’re supposed to be on Tsukihi’s story arc right now, but she’s had almost no presence in the last two episodes.
Zero F Ep. 9 This series is a bunch of average stories, broken by punctuated climaxes. After the trouble last time, this was pretty low-key.
March 5 Rinne Ep. 9 I always like stories where the bad guys have principles. There’s nothing more disappointing than a one-dimensional antagonist.
Persona 4 Ep. 21 This series has never handled its action very well and with only a few episodes left, I fear things will be rushed.
March 6 Another Ep. 9 There’s a difference between atmospheric pacing and contrived delays for the purpose of artificially lengthening a story.
Ano Natsu Ep. 9 I can’t tell if we’ve reached the climax of this series’ romance or if there’s still more surprises yet to come.
March 9 BRS Ep. 6 Now that Mato understands, how will she reshape the purpose of her other self and what will her new goals be if she’s successful?
Guilty Crown Ep. 20 Has Gai learned nothing? He just can’t keep his arrogance in check. It’s like he’s beckoning Shu to come challenge him.
March 10 Amagami+ Ep. 10 I don’t know how to react to such an ordinary, low-impact episode. Even Junichi was a little blander than usual.

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