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Nisemonogatari (review)

Final impression – satisfyingly philosophical (8/10)

Winter 2012 (11 episodes) (title literal translation – Impostor’s Story)

A short time after the events of Bakemonogatari, Koyomi Araragi’s life is beginning to return to normalcy.  He’s studying hard for college entrance exams, playing games with friends in his free time, trying to impress his overbearing girlfriend and being a generally annoying, but loving brother for his two younger sisters, Karen (火憐) and Tsukihi (月火). But things are not going so smoothly at the junior high where his sisters go to school.  Calling themselves the Fire Sisters because their names both contain the kanji for fire (火) they’ve made it their personal vendetta to find out who has been spreading curses and rumors among their classmates.  But ultimately, it’s going to be Koyomi who will have to make sure their mission of justice isn’t something that is beyond their capabilities.

First off, don’t watch Nisemonogatari without first watching Bakemonogatari.  The masterpiece’s sequel includes little refresh time to get new viewers up to speed and there’s a few points where you’re going to be lost if you just jump right in.  Second, while it follows the gorgeous, intellectual writing style of its parent series, the pacing is not as good as the original.  Where Bakemonogatari was focused and Koyomi was always on a mission to help someone, Nisemonogatari is more of a fluid, slice of life story.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a very different tone.  But one of the less understandable attributes of the sequel is the degree to which it was touted as the adventures of Karen and Tsukihi and how little emphasis is given to them.  All in all, it feels more like an epilogue than a sequel because there’s never a big climax to accentuate the plot and in some ways that’s a very refreshing way to compose a follow-up series.  So while Nisemonogatari may not be quite as powerful as its source material, it’s a nice follow-up companion that will satisfy fans of the original series.


7 responses to “Nisemonogatari (review)

  1. lfreemade March 20, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Reblogged this on lfreemade.

  2. tsurugiarashix March 20, 2012 at 10:22 am

    Nice review. Doesn’t match my reception of it, but still nice.

    Not sure if it was an adaption problem, but the pacing for it was not consistent in hindsight and by comparison was just seriously lacking. Might had a mental image that was possibly too transcended for the series, but it necessarily did not fulfill my baser ones either. Still not bad prequel.

    • tsurugiarashix March 20, 2012 at 11:02 am

      *ack sorry for not begin clear. Typing way too fast. Also mistake…it was a sequel XD

      Anyway, as said before, I did not think the pacing for the series was way too uneven and might of been adaption error with the novel. I can not be sure of it (since I have not read the novel), but the series, even for 11 episodes just felt off-tempo in a lot regards. It was not problem with dialogue (that is to be expected), but the transitions in general. Felt like it was prolonged rather than moving on. In short, it was not bad comparatively to Bakemono (even though it does lack a lot), but could of been way better.

      • アレクザンダー March 20, 2012 at 11:11 am

        I agree that it could have been better paced and the motives of the characters made clearer. But the intellectual portions of Nisemonogatari greatly satisfied me. It’s appealing to a specific audience, but those who like this sort of anime are going to sing its praises.

  3. tsurugiarashix March 20, 2012 at 11:40 am

    I can agree with you on that. Nisio Isin’s philosophical tidbits compliments the show nicely like Bakemonotagri, but I also felt like he could of went a bit farther with it. For example: in the last episode where Kagenui was speaking I could of sworn I heard Oshino say something of similar repute when he was analyzing Hanekawa’s oddity. Might be my imagination though. Still feel like the novel might of done a far better job. Again, not sure on that, but the anime was not a complete waste.

  4. Tripper Dan (@tripperdan99) March 20, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    My take is that Nisemonogatari inherited some aspects from Bakemonogatari (sorry that my spelling is different, bad habit reinforced) but overall took a different approach. I loved that it didn’t try to be previous story and that it walked it’s own pace. Much bolder in some aspects it pushed the envelop of some fan service. It was done so originally and tastefully that I don’t think we will ever see something done so well again. I will also never look a brushing teeth the same, EVER.

    Still very strong in word play and dialog, the story (imo) stands on it’s own as a work of art. Not as ground breaking as Bakemonogatari, it is still a fantastic work.

    Can’t wait for the Kizumonogatari prequel movie so we can really see what happened during Golden Week besides the 45 second intro of Ep01 of Bakemongatari.

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