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Aniblog Tourney (follow-up)

First, my thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Aniblog Tourney.  Your support is greatly appreciated even if I didn’t win my bracket.  But during the course of the event I spoke with many fellow bloggers and learned some things that I’m going to use to make the site better.

The first change is going to be my username.  Formerly アレクザンダー (the katakana for Alexander) this is certainly too difficult for the average viewer to read and type.  I’m now going to go by Marlin-sama, which is a Japanese equivalent of my typical username, “Lord Marlin.”  Of course, I won’t mind if anyone wants to call me Alexander or Lord Marlin.

Second, as you can already see, I’m going to try breaking up my text into smaller paragraphs to help organize thoughts for easier reading.  Also to help with organization I’m going to be adding more categories to ease searches.  I plan to go back through all of my posts and get them all labeled by genre and possibly a few other useful categories.

Lastly, I’m hoping to refocus my motives from simply reviewing EVERYTHING to thinking more about why I like the shows I love.  However, I’m going to be keeping Twitter as my primary medium for thinking more broadly about all the anime I watch as I finish each episode.  From here I think my first project is going to be giving the Precious Memories section of the site a bit more attention.

Through this I hope to make Ashita no Anime a better blog—as both a tool for myself as the writer and as intellectual discourse for my readership.  It’s here that I’m going to start another new addition—asking you the reader for your opinion more directly in order to get you involved.  So…what are your thoughts on this new formula?  Am I being too ambitious?  Or is it a change in the right direction?  I’ve been writing for almost a year now and I’ve acquired a modest group of followers, so I’ll ask you; what would you like to see on this blog that has been lacking?

Again, thanks to everyone involved in the Aniblog Tourney and best of luck to all the competitors.  I hope we all make the most of this fantastic opportunity.


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