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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Ep. 1

Initial impression – aimless and silly (3/10)

Spring 2012 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness) (more info)

As much as I love Tony Taka’s art style that is both mature and emotive, it’s not enough to save Shining Hearts’ childish writing. It’s like someone crossed a JRPG with Disney it’s so simple and sweet—even going to great lengths to soften the edges of the harshest character. Since the story is presumably based around the PSP game made by Sega of the same name I’m not going to hold one of my favorite artists responsible for this shallow travesty that actively wastes my time with production-saving pans over still scenes to frequently kill a few seconds here and there.

Really I don’t know what more needs to be said because it’s all so insubstantial. There isn’t even a soothing slice of life atmosphere to provide a comforting sense of peace that would actually compliment Shining Hearts’ painfully slow pace. When it comes to anime about bread, I’m going to stick with Yakitate!! Japan.

This question isn’t meant to be taken cynically, but what do you think was the last good game you played that was made by Sega?


2 responses to “Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Ep. 1

  1. Justin May 6, 2012 at 3:12 am

    ….Skies of Arcadia? (Only other games were Sonic games, and they’re ok)

    I have to aggressively take you to task for the JRPG/Disney remark. After all, at least with Disney shows I can at least know it’s for children and can be enjoyed with calm, whereas Bread the Animation can be enjoyed by making sex jokes, or actually eating food while watching said show. Also, Kingdom Hearts. Yes, it’s just a game, but since the crossover has worked for many, it has a shot to work as an anime 😀

    • Marlin-sama May 6, 2012 at 9:46 am

      I wasn’t trying to insinuate that Shining Hearts is for kids by associating it with Disney. I was just making a comparison for more comedic commentary than anything else. All the same, the first episode left me with the impression that this series is innocent enough that it’s safe for younger viewers.

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