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Comparing Misha to Bush-Cheney

Every once in a while something strikes you like a bolt of lightning and elicits an emotional response that immediately compels you share the experience with others.  Thank goodness we have the internet to release these kinds of urges expediently.

I started playing Katawa Shoujo a couple weeks ago and I’ve been very impressed with it so far (more on that some other time).  Having completed Emi’s arc recently I decided to go again and pursue a different girl.  This time I’m playing Shizune’s arc and this jab at the Republican party had me laughing so hard my sides hurt by the end of it.  Looking back it probably shouldn’t have been that funny, but it really is just absolutely priceless.  If you haven’t expanded the screenshot on this post go ahead and do so now before you continue reading.  Think about it a little bit, too—especially if you haven’t played Katawa Shoujo.

It’s been said that good jokes shouldn’t need to be explained, but I don’t hold to common wisdom all the time.  This will probably give away my political leanings but won’t contain any major spoilers for the game, so don’t worry about that if you’re thinking of playing it sometime.

Basically, Misha (the girl on the left) is your stereotypical ADD / airhead character that has a hard time understanding people (much like the Bush presidency).  The saddest thing is that this comment by Hisao (Katawa Shoujo‘s protagonist) is really kind of an insult to Misha because her character is at least portrayed as being smarter than George and more kindhearted than Dick.  Truthfully, I’d rather have had her bubbly, bouncy if sometimes thickheaded personality running the American government instead of dumb and dumber.  We’d probably have gotten just as much done in those eight years and we could have had an anime character running the White House.  =P

Is it really just a coincidence that Misha and Shizune are members of the student government…or am I stretching this analogy too far?  What do you think of this buried joke about 2000s politics in the middle of a dating game?  Is it too late for this kind of humor to be effectual or did Four Leaf Studios manage to get the punchline in just before the expiration date?


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