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Anime of the Week – Hyouka
Chitanda’s radiance is addictive and contrasts so well with Oreki’s energy-conserving personality. The coupling of thought-provoking puzzles and a prismatic palate of colors gives this anime beauty and brains.                                
May 27 Eureka AO Ep. 6 I’m sad to see the trope of the indecisive boy pilot. But I’m pleased to finally have the main villain get introduced.
Fate/Zero Ep. 21 Stay Night actually got its viewers invested in the characters. Zero is detached and simply going through the motions.
Eureka AO Ep. 7 The pace of this series is something else. It’s hard to follow sometimes, but I can see it making the circuit complete.
May 29 Hyouka Ep. 6 I was worried after Chitanda’s big mystery got solved that this anime’s puzzles would disappear. I’m so happy I was wrong.
Another Ep. 0 Now this is what an OVA should be—something that enhances the plot established in the main series without intruding too much.
May 30 Jormungand Ep. 8 The full opening for Jormungand came out earlier this week. I love Mami Kawada’s voice—and her English is pretty good, too.
Tasogare Otome Ep. 8 “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” seems the most appropriate phrase to describe the current situation.
May 31 Sankarea Ep. 8 This series meshes zombie tropes and being alive but with a dead body to present some very intuitive, creative problems.
Medaka Box Ep. 3 If you’re going to fill an anime with tropes, Medaka’s style of loving them to death is at least an entertaining choice.

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