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Anime of the Week – Medaka Box
With the season winding down I had time to marathon the last six episodes of Medaka Box and I was pleasantly surprised by this anime’s courage to do things differently and to be bold. That it manages to do this so subtly is impressive.                                
June 17 Medaka Box Ep. 6 I think I may have misjudged this anime’s ratio of ecchi to story. There’s actually some good, wholesome fun to be had.
June 18 Medaka Box Ep. 7 Even though it’s an overused theme, why are awkward people who create misunderstandings always reliable for a good laugh?
Hyouka Ep. 9 Mystery works best when you can easily recall the clues and I worry as this arc goes to three parts, I’m forgetting things.
Tasogare Otome Ep. 11 This is a creative story of acceptance and forgiveness—common throughout ghost stories, but well told in this series.
June 20 Medaka Box Ep. 8 It looks like this series is going into a more serious arc that challenges the very nature of Medaka’s selfless good will.
Jormungand Ep. 11 Shizuka Itou really knows how to get Koko to set the appropriate mood for the current circumstances of the story.
June 21 Medaka Box Ep. 9 I was hoping Medaka’s antithesis would be more sophisticated than, “I’m law because I say I am and nobody can stop me.”
June 22 Medaka Box Ep. 10 This anime was never very sophisticated, but always leaned toward creative… until now. Medaka has gone super saiyan.
Medaka Box Ep. 11 I think this series often sounds deeper than it actually is. But that doesn’t mean that it has nothing meaningful to say.
Accel World Ep. 11 At first I thought this anime would be more philosophical, but it’s turning out to be a great shounen-action series.
June 23 Medaka Box Ep. 12 This must be the most daring ending I’ve ever seen for an anime. Instead of something grand, it’s simple and to the point.
Sankarea Ep. 11 With such good writing, I’m sad they’re introducing a love triangle to continue moving the plot this late in the series.

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