Ashita no Anime

Anime of Tomorrow

Tari Tari Ep. 1

Initial impression – I like where this is going

Summer 2012 (13 episodes) (more info)

With a sharp, bright style, a pointedly diverse cast and a worthy goal for the heroine, Tari Tari looks well thought out.  Each character has a unique trait that helps them to stand out.  Wakana is the lady of her family in the absence of her mother.  Sawa is a warm, friendly girl from a wealthy background.  There’s the quirky Wein, who just returned from Austria and embellishes his Japanese gestures and speech like a well-mannered samurai.  The lonely member of the men’s badminton club is Taichi.  And finally, Konatsu is the driving force pushing everyone to make sure they can all spend their final year together without any regrets.

The primary goal of headstrong Konatsu is to prove her worth to her depreciative music teacher.  And this spirited young lady does a fabulous job of allowing you to feel her sense of determination and makes you want to cheer for the underdog overcoming an insurmountable adversary.  This theme is accentuated by the strong influence of Japanese culture that’s on display in Tari Tari—most notably an overall drive by group consensus to keep things harmonious by not stepping out of line, which is opposed by the desire of these young people to be independent and show the world what they can do.

I see a lot of potential already for Tari Tari to become something really cool.  As Konatsu strives to ignore the advice of her degrading instructor to pursue her own path, it’s really powerful and uplifting with just enough natural silliness to keep things interesting.  As an interesting little aside, the song being sung by the choir at about the 5:00 mark is Reflectia, the opening theme for True Tears.


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