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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Ep. 1

Initial impression – surprisingly not so bad

Summer 2012 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – So, I Can’t do H) (more info)

Is it just my own personal preference, or does red hair and red eyes immediately make a girl that much sexier?  I’m happy to see that H ga Dekinai realizes every woman doesn’t have massive boobies so some credit goes to the character designers who realize other body types exist.   It also finds ways to be creative with its ecchi—using some really hilarious imagery to tell a few clever jokes.

After trying to sneak a peek at Risara’s underwear, Ryosuke finds himself in a sea of red grass.

The concept of perversion being used as an energy source is hardly original, but all in all the plot thus far is not overtly offensive and doesn’t make me loathe myself for liking it.  Main character Ryoksuke, though quite lecherous, isn’t overbearingly crude or misogynistic.  Instead he exudes pride in being a man, claiming that women are treasures to be loved rather than objects to be enjoyed (even if he doesn’t perfectly practice what he preaches, it’s still a modicum of honesty and a little chivalry).  It’s a refreshing take on your typical ecchi anime and while I doubt anything particularly intelligent will come of it, if you’re looking for a fun diversion that isn’t utterly brainless, at least a small measure of enjoyment can be derived from this series.

As far as ecchi goes, you could do worse than H ga Dekinai.  If nothing else, it’s better than the oddly-mismatched combination of religion and ecchi as seen in Ah! My Buddha, doesn’t have the implications of slavery and female obedience in Heaven’s Lost Property and the story premise and character designs are better than High School DxD.


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