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Anime of the Week – Accel World
In shounen anime it’s not uncommon to have a segment where the main character dedicates himself to training in order to overcome a new obstacle. How it handles this kind of character growth can be a real defining moment for a series or it can be a cheesy flop and Accel World follows Haruyuki’s path to discovering his new strength fabulously.                                
July 22 SAO Ep. 3 It’s said you should let go of the past so it won’t drag you down, but holding on to a cherished memory can make you stronger.
Hagure Yuusha Ep. 3 This anime really lives up to its title of “Rogue Hero.” Akatsuki is a jerk, but he comes through when it matters most.
Eureka AO Ep. 14 Sometimes the reality you accepted gets turned on its head when what you wanted and what actually is no longer match.
Koichoco Ep. 3 I just KNEW the food club was going to get embroiled in this shady, underhanded political conspiracy sooner or later!
Dog Days 2 Ep. 3 While it’s nice to see the underdog finding success, all things considered perhaps Rebecca is doing a little too well.
Kokoro Connect Ep. 3 Although it was Taichi’s intention to give Yui more confidence around men, I think he took things a little too far.
Arcana Famiglia Ep. 3 It would appear that sometimes stories you didn’t think could be true turn out to be stranger than you imagined.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ep. 2 I’m beginning to think that Atsushi’s only reason to exist is to be an incorrigibly annoying pain in the butt.
July 23 Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ep. 3 Hazuki has made some interesting, metaphorical insights about the similarities between cut flowers and ghosts.
Rinne 2 Ep. 3 As kind and spirited as Madoka can be, too often she shows a side that is much too willing to sacrifice herself for others.
Total Eclipse Ep. 4 I like how Yuuya is forced to confront his multicultural heritage and the different mindset of American and Japanese.
Yuru Yuri 2 Ep. 2 Far too little happens in this series. The lack of story and the weak comedic links that remain aren’t holding together.
Hyouka Ep. 14 The mystery flair of this series has really declined, but it’s been replaced by a very fun and compelling school life drama.
July 24 H ga Dekinai Ep. 2 There are many similarities between this series and Shakugan no Shana. Red hair, fire, knee socks, energy drain, fuzetsu.
July 25 Tari Tari Ep. 4 I didn’t think it would be possible, but Konatsu’s determination is slipping, replaced by a modest attitude of compromise.
July 26 H ga Dekinai Ep. 3 The cast expands with more devilish girls, but I like how each of their contractor’s energy comes from different sources.
July 27 Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ep. 4 Now that Hazuki has hit a brick wall, I guess it’s Atsushi’s turn to try and win back the wife he left behind.
July 28 Accel World Ep. 16 This anime is so good at putting a simple concept like willpower into words and images unbelievably sharp and clean.
Eureka AO Ep. 15 While it’s not revolutionary writing, it’s still a cool twist to be left wondering just who the bad guys really are.
Koichoco Ep. 4 This series continues its pace of smart character development built around a framework of humor and serious social conflict.

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