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Anime of the Week – Hyouka
I really liked the escalating flow of clues Oreki sends to Satoshi and Ibara. It’s an excellent progression of seemingly inconsequential hints adding up to what is definitely one of the smartest moments in this series.                              
September 2 Kokoro Connect Ep. 9 My prediction that this “unleashed desires” arc would be less interesting than the “mind swapping” arc proves true.
SAO Ep. 9 This series has great feelings in it, but in the end it’s just an average collection of shounen clichés done in serious tones.
Dog Days 2 Ep. 9 This friendly battle just doesn’t feel right. There’s not enough tension and the stakes are too low to give it suspense.
September 3 Total Eclipse Ep. 10 Yui’s character is changing too quickly. Her hard, cold, military demeanor has melted into something too protective.
Hyouka Ep. 20 This was a really ingenious twist. Instead of being the one solving the mystery, Oreki was the one who had to create it.
Lagrange 2 Ep. 9 What are Moid and Dizelmine doing? And what is Madoka’s plan for the future? Is she just going to continue piloting Aura?
September 6 Tari Tari Ep. 10 I don’t know what to think of this series. It’s getting hokey with its themes of growing up and overcoming naysayers.
September 8 Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ep. 10 At first I was genuinely worried for Hazuki, but Rokka seems to be steering the series to the correct ending.
Accel World Ep. 22 Haru’s sleuthing was a good application of world building and allowed him to confront Noumi with a satisfying “gotcha.”

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