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Anime of the Week – Accel World
This was the ending this series needed. A totally awesome battle with more than a few twists, turns and surprises followed up by an epilogue of sorts that not only closes up the loose ends, but also gives you room to think about what the future might hold.                              
September 16 SAO Ep. 11 The heroes’ romance is lovely, but it’s good that in the absence of action, a mystery is introduced to keep things moving.
Kokoro Connect Ep. 11 Heartseed’s challenges have followed a pattern of up, down and up again. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.
September 17 Dog Days 2 Ep. 11 Dog Days does its best impression of Kokoro Connect. Why does body switching have such an interestingly silly appeal?
Hyouka Ep. 22 Today’s mystery was simple and poetic. You couldn’t call this a romance series, but the buds of love are waiting to bloom.
Total Eclipse Ep. 12 Sure enough, Yuuya came to save “Princess” Yui. I called it. But now that they can get out, why are they staying?
Hagure Yuusha Ep. 11 Yeah…pretty much any credibility this series was trying to earn goes out the window with this badly-paced boss fight.
September 19 Lagrange 2 Ep. 11 Yeah…so the series is wrapping up and the girls are teaming up. It’s all good, positive and spirited, but not very deep.
September 21 Tari Tari Ep. 12 There was never a moment that felt real and emotional and as the end nears, the dry and ordinary challenges continue.
Koichoco Ep. 11 I’m getting apprehensive because even though the pieces are coming together nicely, the ending is starting to feel rushed.
September 22 Accel World Ep. 24 A suitably epic ending to a really cool series. It’s complete, but I know it’s not finished. There must be more to come.

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