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Anime of the Week – Zetsuen no Tempest
It’s not often that the main characters of a story have such naturally divergent personalities that feed each other; making them much more than they would be separately. The great thing that makes them work so well is how Yoshino has no qualms about dealing with Mahiro in a way that others would be too afraid to attempt.                              
October 28 Zetsuen Ep. 4 Mahiro and Yoshino really are a match made in hell. Mahiro’s selfish recklessness is only surpassed by Yoshino’s clever wit.
SAO Ep. 17 I was worried Sugou would be a pathetic, 2D villain at first. But he’s actually got a heart that’s blacker than Kayaba’s.
Little Busters Ep. 4 It would seem this is the beginning of Kamikita’s arc. What information does Kojiro have about her lost brother?
October 29 K Ep. 1 Initial impression – fast action, slow story (4/10)
October 30 Total Eclipse Ep. 17 Eh… too many girls right now… Hopefully things will get back on track soon and there will be more alien killing.
Busou Shinki Ep. 1 Initial impression – could’ve been worse, but not very interesting (4/10)
October 31 OniAi Ep. 1 Initial impression – if you’re looking for a harem anime, stick to Love Hina (3/10)
November 1 Sakurasou Ep. 4 How do you act towards those with great talent? Hope? Fandom? Jealousy? What about when those talented individuals fail?
Code:Breaker Ep. 1 Initial impression – overly simple (4/10)
Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 Ep. 0 Initial impression – kindhearted, but harsh women
November 2 Chuunibyou Ep. 5 As an English teacher in Japan, the sad thing about this episode is that it reminded me of the low standards for tests.
Psycho-Pass Ep. 4 Akane needs a new avatar. Even in a world of such clairvoyance, sure enough there are people who try to beat the system.
November 3 Jormungand PO Ep. 4 Too much summary. I get that this is a new season, but we’ve already been plopped deep into heart of the story.
BTOOOM! Ep. 5 Is this where romance starts? I hope not, because this situation is just too messed up for me to believe love could happen.

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