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Anime of the Week – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Yuuta is Rikka's pillar of support. When someone who has based his or her life around a false belief realizes the mistake, the transition to letting go and moving on is difficult. Friends can be alienated and conceptions about the world must be changed. But it’s made easier when there’s someone there who genuinely cares and is watching over you.                              
December 9 SAO Ep. 23 As powerfully emotional as this series can be and despite the great battles, all too often it’s just too predictably cliché.
December 10 Little Busters Ep. 10 If we focus too much on the sad, dark and hurtful, we can find ourselves unable to see the happy, bright and hopeful.
Shinsekai Ep. 11 When it comes to conspiracies involving modification of memories, you can always count on someone being resistant to it.
Total Eclipse Ep. 23 No matter how dire or righteous your cause, starting an idealistic war you can’t hope to win is not the right decision.
Joshiraku Ep. 3 As much as I love the concept and the cast, I just can’t get into this anime because it feels too much like an inside joke.
December 12 Sakurasou Ep. 10 “There’s always going to be someone better than you,” unless your motto is, “Don’t just be number one, be the only one.”
December 13 Jormungand PO Ep. 10 What is the price for peace? When do the ends justify the means? Is it a gradient of right to wrong or a line in the sand?
Chuunibyou Ep. 11 I would much rather live with an uncomfortable truth and deal with the consequences, than indulge in a comforting lie.
December 14 Panzer Ep. 9 A cornered mouse will attack a cat and the girls of Oarai with their happy school life at stake are pulling out all the stops.
Psycho-Pass Ep. 10 When technology can read minds, it’s human curiosity that constructs a test of character designed to reward chivalry.
BTOOOM Ep. 11 If it’s beyond a one’s limits to repay betrayal with revenge, it would seem that trust is not such a fragile thing after all.
December 15 Zetsuen Ep. 11 I always get a kick out of arrogant jerks getting put in their place, but to his credit, Samon has motives I can appreciate.
Medaka Box 2 Ep. 10 There’s a lovely, genuine honesty about finding the purpose of existence through the kind, simple mind of a child.

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