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Anime of the Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2013 I’m going to start by looking back on the past year and highlighting my favorite titles for 2012.  And just to make things clear, series that are currently airing and won’t finish until the end of the winter 2013 season are not candidates for this list. Those anime will have their chance at Anime of the Year come 2014. With that explanation out of the way, here we go!

Yuuta saves Rikka5. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

A very original premise, beautiful art style, insightful plot points and kind, fun-loving characters give this series a serious charm that’s rarely seen in a romantic comedy.



Tsumiki gives Io Valentine chocolate4. Acchi Kocchi

A bucketful of smiles and laughs.  Adorable girls, suave guys, awesome punchlines and heartwarming youth solidifies this as the Moe Anime of the Year.



Chitanda is always dragging Oreki around3. Hyouka

Enrapturing characters, an endless flow of intriguing conundrums and just enough tension to keep everyone on their toes means that we’ve finally been treated to a mystery series done right.


Silver Crow finishes his final battle with Dusk Taker.2. Accel World

With its daring character designs combined with fast-paced action that rewards tactical prowess over pure physical might and deep, multifaceted antagonists—I proclaim this to be Action Anime of the Year.


Mato pushes past the pain and won't abandon her friends1. Black Rock Shooter

In a word?  Concise.  Not a shred of excess.  It has beautiful music, mold-breaking storytelling methodology, a sharp and original art style and a cast of talented voice actresses.  There was never any doubt in my mind that Black Rock Shooter deserves the title Anime of the Year.


6 responses to “Anime of the Year 2012

  1. TWWK January 3, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Hyouka’s such an overwhelming favorite this year, I wonder if I should return to it (I dropped it after about five episodes).

    • Marlin-sama January 3, 2013 at 2:07 am

      As much as I want as many people to see Hyouka as possible…if you didn’t love it by episode five, I can’t promise you’ll come to like it any more by continuing. The whole series has a very consistent tone.

  2. Justin January 11, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Was gonna respond to your list on my blog, but since you did a anime of the year here, might as well respond:

    Another: Thought it was ok, but I fell out of love with most of the characters and was not impressed with some of its attempts at horror (death by umbrella!)
    Shakugan: Still need to finish S1 lol
    Ano Natsu: Stuck on my getting larger on-hold list ;_;
    Dusk Maiden: As someone who’s been reading the manga version of it, I feel the anime adaptation was a disappointment. But despite my issues with it (its attempt at visuals which reminded me of C3 and its lack of anything compelling story wise), I also have this on hold, so whether it got better after ep 6, I’ll never know until I watch it
    BTOOOM: Also on hold
    Lagrange: Some shows you just can’t get into at all. I really could not get into Lagrange S1. Everything about it felt slow, I liked Madoka but I couldn’t get into any of the characters, I’m not exactly sure what the story was, and while I could have attempted to torture myself with S2, I chose to forget about it. And based on reviews of S2, it was probably a good decision.
    Nisemonogatari: Have to watch Bakemono I believe
    Chuunibyou: On hold
    Acchi Kocchi: I…admittedly did not give this anime a proper shake. I watched at least 5 mins of it but I was bored of it and I was also really tired that day. Planned to watch it the next day. Never happened. Now it seems to be licensed, so I guess I’ll wait until Anime Network gets it available streaming…
    Accel World: As I was watching the anime, I just suddenly stopped caring about any of the characters and their motivations, and convinced myself to drop it after Ep 12. Was no longer motivated to finish it anymore 😦
    Black Rock Shooter: What I did watch of it (namely the visuals) I enjoyed it a lot. But I think I only watched one or two eps of it, then stashed it away somewhere.

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